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Welcome to, where possibilities know no bounds, and creativity thrives! I am thrilled that you have embarked on this journey to explore career opportunities with us.

At, we are on a mission to revolutionize the world through cutting-edge AI-powered solutions. Our team is a diverse blend of talented individuals who embrace challenges, foster collaboration, and drive innovation. As you navigate through our career page, you'll discover a myriad of exciting roles and opportunities that align with your passion and expertise.

We believe that our success lies in the hands of our exceptional team. Here, you'll find an environment that nurtures growth, celebrates uniqueness, and empowers you to unleash your true potential. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a fresh graduate eager to make a mark, offers an inclusive and dynamic workplace that will inspire you to flourish and excel.

Join us as we shape the future, together!

Dr. Isabell Claus
Managing Director


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Customer Voices

Social Democratic Party <br>Lower Austria
Social Democratic Party
Lower Austria
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"We wanted to shape the development of European AI technology from the start and use it in our press and media analysis. The benefits of using AI are intended to support all our politicians in their daily work and provide them with a continuous monitoring, tailored to each individual. Our goal is to make European technology available to all mandate holders and elected officials (…) European technology for the monitoring of the latest developments in any relevant topic."

G. Strahberger
Press Officer
Social Democratic Party
Lower Austria
Austrian Chamber of Commerce <br>Lower Austria
Austrian Chamber of Commerce
Lower Austria
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"The AI-powered search results provided by thinkers are equally thorough to that of detailed manual web research. The difference would be that thinkers' results are always up to date, and that we save a lot of time not having to do the research ourselves. This gives us time to focus on other valuable tasks."

J. Aschauer
Technology Expert
Austrian Chamber of Commerce
Lower Austria

Our Values

people and companies is a company in the high-tech environment. Central to our values is responsibility and respect towards people and companies in today’s digital world. Therefore, our standard is a high level of security awareness towards their digital identities.

sustainable development

Digital innovation has great potential to contribute to sustainable development. We align our work with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) published by the United Nations and strive to continuously increase our own sustainability. In the section below you can find out more the the relevant SDG goals.

Our United Nations
Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs)

4: Quality Education

The people working for have solid backgrounds. Education, training and further education are important pillars in our company. Both managing directors are active as lecturers at universities. They strive to actively pass on their knowledge to future generations.

5: Gender Equality

The gender ratio between women and men at is around 50 percent each. Gender and cultural diversity is valued in our company. We consciously ensure that diversity is actively lived in our team spirit, as we believe it is an important part of achieving success.

8: Decent Work &
Economic Growth strengthens digitalisation and contributes to the growth of modern economic sectors. The working conditions including equipment at comply with modern standards. We go the extra mile by offering our employees flexible working hours and home/portable office options.

9. Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure is an innovation in the field of applied artificial intelligence and machine learning. We create a digital application for our customers that helps them to precisely analyse their environment efficiently. This lets them achieve their goals in a content and time optimizing manner. In addition, we are constantly developing our technology in cooperation with universities and bring new findings from research into practice.

13. Climate Action develops its web search engine through “sustainability by design”. This is important considering infrastructure and data handling. As accelerates and optimises the efficiency of searching the web compared to conventional search engines, it saves energy. This means less CO2 is emitted from our practice, and a double win for our users.

17. Partnerships
for the Goals

To achieve our goals, we enter partnerships that focus on the technical and innovative environment. These are primarily universities of applied sciences and technically innovative companies. We value the equal cooperation and regard our partnerships as a natural extension of our diverse team spirit.

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