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Filter good / bad queries

How to detect good and bad searches and how to improve.

To detect good and bad searches, assess the relevance and specificity of your search results. Good searches yield precise, relevant information, while bad searches often result in unrelated or overly broad results. To improve, refine your queries with specific keywords and use advanced search filters. Regularly reviewing and adjusting your search strategy based on results can enhance the quality of your searches.

In your results area you find a thumbs up and a thumbs down symbol. Once you have evaluated the different generated information you can train our AI by simply clicking on the thumbs-up or thumbs-down item. If you click on thumbs-down the generated kind of information will in the future be excluded where else the thumbs-up information track will be focused. This means it is important to carefully evaluate the generated information quality and relevance in order to sustainably further improve and optimize your results.

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