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Here you can find an overview of our thinkers-as-a-service (taas) industry solutions

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Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize data-driven decision-making across industries.

our mission

We strive to empower businesses with cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions that unlock the full potential of their data, leading to unparalleled insights and competitive advantage.

Our Services

Valid, solid and dynamic industry- and segment-specific information providing our entrusted clients leading-edge and distinct competitive advantage through always pre-filtered, accurate 360 degree data and insights.

Recent successful use cases

Hidden Champion in infrastructure business

For a German headquartered hidden champion we realized a 360 degree supply chain intelligence ensuring 24/7 radaring of the entire supply chain and thus reducing risks of unexpected occurancies.


Medium-sized company in construction industry

For an Austrian based company we leveraged their outbound lead management with our sales intelligence and could identify forthcoming not then officially published big tenders enabling the company to know earlier then the competition and therewith target the different stakeholders successfully.

Multi-national company in manufacturing industry

For a German based industry group we deployed our B2B customer monitoring solution which detected a sudden two-digit million revenue risk created by competitor sales activities at one of their large-scale clients. With our early warning the industry group took immediate action and secured the revenue.

German-based Medium-sized Automotive OEM SUpplier

For a technology leader in the automotive industry we deployed compliance monitoring to radar its international distributor network. By analysing public web information at scale, we detected a significant fraud case. Our client took immediate action to fight against financial drawbacks.

German-based medium-sized infrastructure company

With our affordable and highly efficient media monitoring we could enable this political institution to stay update in defined knowledge areas and to use this competitive advantage for their own daily work, their activities and their information campaigns successfully.

Austrian-based Research Institution

For this organization we deployed a topic-range specific research automation enabling the organization to stay up-to-date with regard to all relevant research areas and to save significant time of each highly paid expert which he or her now spends for analyzing instead of searching.

Competence is king,
information advantage the queen!

Trailer showcasing Financial Services Industry Use Case

Our services are

Many business intelligence providers pretend scientific robustness. has the evidence-based track record for a unique and solid academic basis in the sense of data-modelling and technology leading to better and spot-on information for you.

Our Approach is
multi award-winning

No other AI-based intelligence provider can refer to such a long and outstanding series of highly recognized awards won, key notes held, and successful showcases realized. For you this means a multi-time proven trusted and awarded service by

Our clients are ambitious thought-leaders

Across all sizes, industries and regions, entrusted clients are among the most successful players – or have developed into this segment empowered by intelligence. For you this means you can also leverage your performance with us.

Enjoy these features on all plans


Starting your license you are always using our latest and updated business intelligence technology stack.

It delivers results based on the latest research in our field.


Unlimited use of app and all its features

Joining our fast growing community of ambitious users you will profit from all our ongoing developments, optimizations, and updates. 

This for you ensures always top user experience, usability but also useful new additional features.


Getting access to your unique AI-enabled business intelligence engine you do not loose information anymore.

This means you can save all your queries and activate personlized e-Mail alerts to receive updates 24/7 on your queries.

Launching your license

Launching your license you get access to all up-and-running topics and analytics, f.e. early detection of new sales opportunities in certain industries, online media monitoring or supplier monitoring.

This is at the core of your unique competitive advantage.

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