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A Milestone for European Tech Innovation

In a significant achievement for the European tech scene, has been recognized as one of the most promising ventures by RISE Europe. This nomination is not just a milestone for but a testament to the innovative impact the company is making in the tech industry.

Vienna, Austria – RISE Europe is a groundbreaking initiative uniting 14 European countries, designed to support and spotlight pioneering tech start-ups. Being a part of this network connects with some of Europe’s most dynamic entrepreneurial hubs, including UnternehmerTUM in Munich, ETH in Zurich, and Imperial College in London.

Why This Nomination Matters: stands out due to its commitment to three core aspects:

  1. EU-Based Development and Trustworthiness: With its operations and development entirely within the EU, ensures the highest levels of trustworthiness and user data security.

  2. Independence from Major Manufacturers: The company maintains 100% independence from tech giants like Google and OpenAI, distinguishing itself in a market often dominated by these entities.

  3. Innovative Algorithm for Specific Data Needs: Its unique algorithm excels at delivering precise, relevant, and valid data for specialized and specific topics, even with smaller data sets.

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Bildschirmfoto 2023 11 21 um 16.59.25 | AI Suchmaschine
Fig.: RISE Vision (Source: RISE Europe)

Beyond Recognition: Enhancing the European Entrepreneurial Environment

This initiative aims to merge local ecosystems and facilitate access to talent, customers, and capital across Europe. It’s a move towards enhancing the European entrepreneurial environment, with’s logo now proudly featured on the Rise Europe website: []

The upcoming release of the European Scale-up Navigator on November 30 marks another exciting chapter for This comprehensive guide will be an invaluable resource for startups seeking to scale and expand their impact.

A Future of Collaboration and Innovation is committed to collaborating and shaping a prosperous future for Europe. The company continues to strive towards providing innovative and sustainable solutions to society’s most pressing challenges.

Stay connected to learn more about and its journey with Rise Europe. Together, let’s make a difference!

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