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Detect New growth Opportunities

Seize the advantage with Stay ahead of the competition by being the first to discover promising sales opportunities, empowering your business to thrive in dynamic markets.

Stay on Top of Market Movements

Gain unprecedented market insights with Stay informed and updated about market changes and trends, enabling you to make evidence-based decisions that keep your business at the forefront of industry shifts.

Increase Sales & Satisfaction

Empower your sales team with Unleash the potential for increased sales and customer delight through deeper understanding and personalized strategies, fostering long-lasting relationships with your valued clientele.

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Empowering business growth. Unveil the advantage: From web knowledge to success.


Effortless web research


Broad sources but no spam


Objective information & user data protection


Analytics beyond individual search results

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Your Advantages

highly efficient

Science-proven concept and modelling: offers fully automated monitoring of broad online sources and beyond, ensuring swift and efficient data gathering.


High performing
intelligence tech stack: analyses massive amounts of data and ensures objectivity to deliver trustworthy information for state-of-the-art business intelligence.

Cost Savings

More for less
becomes reality:

By utilizing, clients reduce media monitoring and business intelligence expenses by up to 70 % compared to conventional services.

AI-Filtered Results

AI as the enabler for maximum convenience:

AI-powered filters eliminate irrelevant content, delivering high-quality, relevant information without the need for extensive manual editing.

Practical applications: in action

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MEDIA MOnitoring

Highly efficient, fully automized solutions for online media and beyond unlocks up to 70 % costs savings compared to available conventional service providers. Affordable: From one user onwards.

Sales Intelligence

Unleash the potential of sales intelligence. Stay ahead in the fast-paced B2B landscape with near-real-time sales opportunities and customer-centric preparation. Boost sales and customer satisfaction to new heights.

Market & Competitive Intelligence

Gain the upper hand with market & competitive intelligence by Stay informed about competitors' moves, projects and strategies. Make strategic decisions based on market transparency.

Discover all use cases

Unleash the power of Transform your business with cutting-edge solutions. Discover sales intelligence, market & competitive intelligence, research automation & venture scouting, and more. Embrace data-driven decision-making like never before and propel your enterprise to new heights with The future of innovation starts here.

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Uniquely award-winning

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