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Implementation & Benefits

How to implement on a daily basis

First Search

How to get started and make your first search

Request topic

Request your individual topics and usecases.


How to pick the right plan for you


Search queries

How to filter and search with

Use Topics

What are Topics and how to use them.


How do Keywords work and how to use them

Save Search

How to save your work and use later again

Teach employees

How to best implement in your company



How to read results correctly

Company Information

How to manage your company account in

Filter good / bad queries

How to detect good and bad searches and how to improve.


The Platform

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How does the Ai work?

Workings and mechanics of the thinkers AI


How Data gets filtered and added to

Frequently asked questions. supports you to navigate through the massive amounts of web data in order to find topic-relevant information and to get new inspiration and ideas out of the world`s largest collection of knowledge. When you sign in, you land in our application, which gives you access to search topics and features like notifications or results saving options.

The navigation bar is an advanced search bar that makes it easy to access various search topics and selection filters quickly. All filters are optional – so it is up to you to combine all filters for a very granular search request or to use just some or even just one filter to get to results.

  • “Select a topic“ allows you to start your search by a topic, not a keyword. This is especially relevant for new topics in which you would like to dive in quickly but do not know the scope of the right keywords. Also topics in which keywords are manifold, are better searchable „by topic“, not by keyword.
  • “Select sub topics“ allows you to dive into topics deeply. If your individual topic is not visible yet, you can get it set up by pressing „Request new!“
  • “Add keyword“ stands for a classical keyword search. You can combine a keyword search with other filters or use in on its own.
  • “Region“ allows you to finetune results for your request with regard to their origin or covered geographic area.
  • Last but not least – advanced filters offer possibilities to finetune your search with regard to dates, web sources or languages. 

You can customize your searches by

  • saving your search parameters – a combination of the elements of the navigation bar – by pressing “save my search“ on the results bar and finetuning all search parameters
  • requesting new topics – a feature that is included in the partners package. It allows you to request any topic that is relevant for you. Our data curation will set it up in the highest possible result quality.


To access your Settings page, click the „Me“ icon at the top of the application and then click Settings.

You can receive email notifications about new topics or your individual finetuned saved searches. You will receive them to the email address you are logged in with – either daily, weekly or monthly, depending on your selected interval.

To adjust your notifications click on the „Clock“ icon at the right top corner of the app.

Here you can find more information about our company, the solution, the app but also latest and always accurate news and updates.

To end your subscription is very easy. In the application, you simply click top right next to your name on the little arrow pointing downwards. Then you click on settings. Then the window with “Account settings” opens up. There you click on “Payment info” and will find the red button “Cancel subscription”. Once you click this button, a confirmation pop-up appears asking you to reconfirm the cancellation. Your cancellation will be confirmed with an email sent to the email address stored in your profile. After 7 days after the cancellation the subscription ends. 

Within the free trial and test phase you can cancel your subscription at any time. Then the notice period is 7 days, which means that after your cancellation you will still have access to the application for additional seven days. 

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