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Market Intelligence.

Detect market opportunities early and stay ahead of competitors with Market Intelligence. Our AI-powered platform delivers near-real-time insights, enabling data-driven decisions for business success.

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AI-enabled, 24/7 key-strategic business transparency on markets


Starting from one user


AI skipping irrelevant content


Screening individually defined areas


Leveraging all company sizes

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Your Advantages

highly efficient

Science-proven concept and modelling: offers fully automated monitoring for online sources, ensuring swift and efficient data gathering.

Up-to-Date Information

High performing intelligence tech stack: screens millions of data every day to deliver the maximum of transparency for any individual business.

Cost Savings

More for less
becomes reality:

By utilizing, clients reduce monitoring and business intelligence expenses by up to 70 % compared to conventional services.

AI-Filtered Results

AI as the enabler for maximum convenience:

AI-powered filters eliminate irrelevant content, delivering high-quality, relevant information without the need for extensive manual editing.

Increase your profit with better evidence!


Identify trends and threats before your competitors with Improve your strategic planning on where to prioritize resources, which markets to expand to next or which market segments are right for your products.


Leverage your growth through data-driven strategic decision making powered by Optimize your marketing and branding by data-backed actions and stay ahead with early detection notice of competitors’ moves.


Track emerging trends with This pinpoints your market entry opportunity through accurately planning market developments and corresponding penetration strategies as well as maintaining a birds-eye view on your competitors, and efficiently counter their moves.

Customer Voices

SPoe | AI Suchmaschine

Social Democratic Party
Lower Austria

“We wanted to shape the development of European AI technology from the start and use it in our press and media analysis. The benefits of using AI are intended to support all our politicians in their daily work and provide them with a continuous monitoring, tailored to each individual. Our goal is to make European technology available to all mandate holders and elected officials (…) European technology for the monitoring of the latest developments in any relevant topic.”

G. Strahberger
Press Officer
Social Democratic Party
Lower Austria

Austrian Chamber of Commerce
Lower Austria

“The AI-powered search results provided by thinkers are equally thorough to that of detailed manual web research. The difference would be that thinkers’ results are always up to date, and that we save a lot of time not having to do the research ourselves. This gives us time to focus on other valuable tasks.”

J. Aschauer
Technology Expert
Austrian Chamber of Commerce
Lower Austria
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