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Bildschirmfoto 2023 08 02 um 08.56.52 1 | AI Suchmaschine is proud of its unique and strong partners. Since the beginning they have played an essential role for the success of the company. In this context the pro-active development of our international partner community is at the core for the company. Aside the uniqueness of our services in terms of technological advancements and the precision of our results the entire business model of bears enormous potentials for you as a partner. You can realize quick and easy up-selling as well as cross-selling with no additional sales costs. This means you can easily realize quick wins in regard to your Return-on-Sales (RoS) and your Return-on-Marketing (RoM) because no technical integration or customization is necessary. Join in and find out and I love to welcome you soon aboard of the global affiliates network.

Dipl-Ing. Wolfgang Ecker-Lala
Managing Director & CTO

Four Good Reasons For Your Advantage

Additional revenue stream

Maximize your opportunities by doing more business through customers to generate additional revenue and profits.

Sales and marketing activities

Strengthen your business through combined sales and marketing activities and events. As a Radancy partner, you will be actively promoted.

Advanced customer solutions

Support your customers by offering them a digital innovation for their research and intelligence activities.

Collaboration and networking

Collaborate with the best in the data and intelligence industry and benefit from a lively exchange of knowledge. Participate in joint events, webinars and exhibitions.

Together we are even stronger!

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Marketing or communication agencies

As marketing a/o communication agency you can get partner conditions  similar as to media agencies. Your partner discount is defined as 30% right from the start.

Management and Strategy consultancies

As consulting company you can either directly take advantage of our services for your projects or refer us to your clients and through this profit from our partnering model with attractive disounts.

Intelligence and Research Companies

If you belong to this group of companies you can take advantage directly from our unique technology as affiliate and get access to attractive discounts as part of our partnership. This will make your work much easier and more effective.

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Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey of innovation and collaboration? is extending a warm invitation to potential partners who are eager to shape the future of data-driven insights and intelligence together.

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Embrace the future of partnership effortlessly by simply scanning the QR code with our photo app. Let technology do the work for you, as it opens up a new email with a pre-filled message expressing your interest in joining our dynamic partnership network.

Empowerment Through Collaboration

As a partner, you’ll gain exclusive access to cutting-edge solutions that empower decision-making, enhance strategic planning, and drive business growth. Join a community of forward-thinkers, industry leaders, and innovators who are committed to shaping a smarter, more connected future.

Your Success, Our Priority

Collaboration lies at the heart of everything we do. By becoming a partner, you’re not just joining a network – you’re becoming an integral part of a movement that’s dedicated to achieving excellence, embracing technological advancements, and elevating the impact of data insights.

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The process of becoming partner is easy and a fast track to success!