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Technology of

The technology of is designed to facilitate advanced search and information management. It utilizes an own algorithm that is able to already work with small amount of data. This is unique in comparison to all currently existing other AI-based suppliers as the use Large Language Models (LLM) technology.

In addition, the entire platform is based on Open Source and 100 % supplier independent. is 100 % European platform and does not hand over any user data or information to third parties.

The unique algorithm allows very precise results with already small data volumes what is essential as each company and each use case is very special and thus less well covered by large data models. In addition, this unique algorithm grows in precision with the growing volume of data and information. This means that generates better and more precise data starting with small and growing to large data volumes.

The platform may incorporate AI-driven features for enhanced search accuracy and user experience, offering tools like keyword optimization and topic categorization. Its technology aims to streamline the process of information retrieval and analysis, making it a valuable tool for research and data-driven decision-making.

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