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Vienna, Austria In an era where technological advancements and cybersecurity concerns intersect more closely than ever, Isabell Claus, co-founder of, recently addressed a distinguished assembly of global leaders and experts at the General Committee on Economic Affairs, Science, Technology, and Environment. Drawing from her rich background in AI and as a key figure in a trailblazing European cybersecurity firm, Claus brought to the forefront the critical dialogue on the fusion of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. Her insights shed light on the dual-edged nature of Generative AI, highlighting both its potential to revolutionize data management and its capacity to amplify security threats, including the pervasive issue of disinformation. As continues to pioneer in developing European-centric AI technology for human benefit, Claus’s address underscored the imperative for preparedness, adaptability, and collective action in navigating the challenges posed by the digital age. Highlights AI-Cybersecurity Convergence at OSCE

In a recent address to the General Committee on Economic Affairs, Science, Technology, and Environment, Isabell Claus, co-founder of, highlighted the pressing challenges and opportunities at the intersection of AI and cybersecurity. Claus, who previously played a pivotal role in a leading European cybersecurity firm, shared her insights and experiences, emphasizing the critical need for innovative solutions in this rapidly evolving field.

“AI and cybersecurity are converging in ways we’ve never seen before, creating both unprecedented challenges and opportunities,” Claus stated. “At, we’re dedicated to harnessing the power of AI to not just manage but leverage data for security, business, and politics.”

Claus pointed out the double-edged sword of Generative AI, which, while creating more data and potential solutions, also opens the door to new threats such as the rapid spread of disinformation. This issue, she argued, is “highly underestimated” and poses a significant risk to global security and stability.

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AI and cybersecurity are converging in ways we’ve never seen before, creating both unprecedented challenges and opportunities!

Dr. Isabell Claus
Managing Director

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Advocating for Stronger AI Security Preparedness and Collaboration

Drawing on lessons from the European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats, Claus underscored the importance of preparation, adaptability, and the critical role of civil society in combating disinformation. She called for increased resources and a collaborative effort to address these challenges head-on.

“Preparedness and readiness to cope with Generative AI in the context of security cannot be understated. It’s imperative that we significantly increase our resources and collaboration in the short term,” Claus emphasized.

The team is committed to leading the charge in developing and implementing AI-driven solutions to bolster cybersecurity efforts worldwide. Claus’s call to action underscores the urgency of addressing AI threats and the importance of collaboration across sectors to ensure a secure digital future.

For more information on how is innovating at the intersection of AI and cybersecurity, visit our news page.

OSCE to Debate AI’s Impact on Society and Counterterrorism Measures

These yearly “gatherings” by the seat of the OSCE enable people’s representative to interact with the executive structures of the organization, thereby bringing more democratic legitimacy to their important work. Together, we will ponder persisting challenges, such as the illegal #warinnukraine now entering its third year, and other emerging threats, including those posed by the rise of #artificialintelligence.

In fact, we will hold two important policy debates on Artificial Intelligence (AI) within our General Committee on Economic Affairs, #science , #technology and #environment, and in our Ad Hoc Committee on #counterterrorism!

#AI is not just a technological breakthrough. It is reshaping the very fabric of our society, economy, and security landscape. It is a catalyst for progress across various industries and sectors, and its impact on #growth, #research, #innovation, and #efficiency is likely to be remarkable.

However, with great technological progress comes great responsibilities and challenges. The integration of AI into various domains raises crucial questions about security, privacy, ethics, and the various risks associated with its misuse.

Duly regulating AI development & deployment with the aim of harnessing its full potential while mitigating associated risks will be a daunting, albeit necessary task for all #legislators.

Ultimately, it boils down to a matter of #sovereignty, which should remain with the #people, rather than being (silently) shifted to #BigTech.

In light of the above, I am SUPER grateful to Dina Hussein from Meta, Thomas Wuchte from Multilateral and Multicultural Leadership Advances Collaboration, Adam H. from Tech Against Terrorism, Nikolas Ott from Microsoft, Jean-Marc Rickli from the Geneva Centre for Security Policy and Dr. Isabell Claus from for agreeing to shed light on this complex issue and inform our upcoming policy deliberations.

Many thanks also to Reinhold Lopatka Azay Guliyev Pia Kauma Artur Gerasimov, Gudrun Kugler and Roberto Montella for their strong leadership, as well as to my colleagues Pauline Hennings and Marita Lagidze for their outstanding support in arranging these sessions.

Stay tuned for more: follow OSCE live on their website ( and social media channels ( and!!

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