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Partner Update

German Pilona company partnering with

Introducing a Game-Changing Partnership: and PILONA Technology GmbH Redefine Sales Intelligence

Bad Kissingen, GermanyWe are thrilled to announce our new partnership with PILONA Technology GmbH. PILONA, a leading digitization platform for construction businesses, is now integrating’s advanced data and analytics into their own platform. This collaboration introduces an innovative “lead booster feature,” allowing PILONA’s customers to access valuable sales data in a seamless, white-label format.

Redefining Sales Intelligence

This partnership is a significant milestone in our mission to provide companies with the best tools and data to maximize their sales success. PILONA’s expertise in offering customized solutions, combined with’s powerful sales intelligence data, creates an unbeatable synergy that offers our joint customers a distinct competitive advantage.

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This collaboration marks an exciting step forward for both and PILONA. By integrating our advanced data analytics into PILONA’s platform, we are empowering construction businesses with the intelligence they need to boost their sales performance significantly.

Isabell Claus

Innovative Lead Booster Feature

The newly introduced lead booster feature is designed to revolutionize how construction businesses approach sales. With this tool, users can gain insights into potential leads, track sales trends, and make informed decisions that drive growth. The integration ensures that customers can seamlessly access this data without leaving the PILONA platform, providing a streamlined and efficient experience.

Wolfgang Ecker-Lala, CTO of, emphasized the technological benefits of this integration:

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Bildschirmfoto 2023 08 02 um 08.09.52 | AI Suchmaschine

Our partnership with PILONA leverages the strengths of both companies. The lead booster feature is a testament to what can be achieved when cutting-edge technology and industry expertise come together. We are confident that this will set a new standard in sales intelligence for the construction industry.

Wolfgang Ecker-Lala

A Strategic Advantage

In today’s competitive market, having access to accurate and timely sales data is crucial. The partnership between and PILONA ensures that construction businesses are well-equipped to meet their sales targets and achieve long-term success. By combining’s data prowess with PILONA’s user-friendly platform, we are delivering a solution that is both powerful and easy to use.

We invite you to learn more about our partnership and discover how it can transform your sales strategy. Together with PILONA, we are redefining sales intelligence and setting a new benchmark for success in the construction industry.

For more information, visit our website or contact our sales team to see how the lead booster feature can benefit your business.

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