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Use Case


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Your concrete use cases:

Media monitoring

  • Monitoring of reporting on own and other institutions and leaders
  • Observation and monitoring in the context of communication in the context of elections
  • Recognizing and monitoring disinformation
  • with regard to persons
  • in the context of elections
  • in the context of (acute) security problems
  • Monitoring the current security situation (physical and cybersecurity)
  • Identifying new and emerging specialized topics
  • Observation of technologies and use cases, e.g. AI

Your Advantages

highly efficient

Science-proven concept and modelling: offers fully automated monitoring for online (and print) sources, ensuring swift and efficient data gathering


High performing
intelligence tech stack: uses exclusive quantum computing technology for ensuring accuracy and stability in next practice business intelligence.

Cost Savings

More for less
becomes reality:

By utilizing, clients can significantly reduce media monitoring and business intelligence expenses by between 70 – 90 % compared to conventional services.

AI-Filtered Results

AI as the enabler for
maximum convenience:

AI-powered filters eliminate irrelevant content, delivering high-quality, relevant information without the need for extensive manual editing. This saves time and resources for clients, making the process more efficient.

Enjoy these features on all plans


Starting your license you are always using our latest and updated business intelligence technology stack.

It delivers results based on the latest research in our field.


Unlimited use of app and all its features

Joining our fast growing community of ambitious users you will profit from all our ongoing developments, optimizations, and updates. 

This for you ensures always top user experience, usability but also useful new additional features.


Getting access to your unique AI-enabled business intelligence engine you do not loose information anymore.

This means you can save all your queries and activate personlized e-Mail alerts to receive updates 24/7 on your queries.

Launching your license

Launching your license you get access to all up-and-running topics and analytics, f.e. early detection of new sales opportunities in certain industries, online media monitoring or supplier monitoring.

This is at the core of your unique competitive advantage.

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“Mit automatisiere ich die Marktforschung. Die breiten und vertrauenswürdigen Informationsquellen ermöglichen es mir, wertvolle Erkenntnisse ohne lästigen Spam zu erhalten. Die Visualisierungstools helfen mir, Trends und Chancen in meinen Märkten besser zu verstehen.”

Business Development Manager

“Als Vertriebsdirektorin ist ein unverzichtbares Werkzeug für die Lead-Generierung und die Marktanalyse. Die Automatisierung spart mir viel Zeit, und die Qualität der Quellen ist beeindruckend. Die Plattform ermöglicht es meinem Team, datengesteuerte Entscheidungen zu treffen und erfolgreich zu sein.”


“Die AI-unterstützte Suchmaschine macht es einfach, potenzielle Kunden zu finden, und die umfassenden, spamfreien Quellen gewährleisten genaue und vertrauenswürdige Informationen. Das unterstützt mich dabei, unsere Vertriebsstrategien zu optimieren.”


“Die Plattform erleichtert die Marktanalyse und die Identifizierung von Wachstumschancen. Die Datenqualität und der Datenschutz sind für mein Unternehmen von größter Bedeutung. Die Visualisierung der Daten hilft mir, strategische Entscheidungen zu treffen.”


“Ich setze ein, um innovative Ideen und Trends zu erkennen. Die Plattform erleichtert die Forschung und spart mir wertvolle Zeit. Ich schätze besonders die Qualität der verfügbaren Informationen und den Datenschutz, um innovative Lösungen zu entwickeln.”


“Als Produktmanagerin unterstützt mich bei der Produktentwicklung. Die Plattform automatisiert die Marktforschung und liefert breite und verlässliche Quellen. Der Datenschutz und das Vertrauen in die Daten sind entscheidend, um erfolgreiche Produktstrategien zu entwickeln.


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Effective Monitoring for Clear Insights

Elevate your understanding effortlessly. Our AI-driven tools redefine the way you navigate current political trends, unveiling valuable insights and opportunities with a single click. Stay ahead and make informed decisions in a dynamic landscape.

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Your Advantages





gain Nearly Real time political insights

Dive into precise monitoring of reporting on both own and external institutions and leaders. Track the dynamics of communication, especially in the context of elections, to stay informed and responsive.

Discovering Emerging Political Trends

Elevate your insights with advanced and AI-supported media monitoring, unraveling new and upcoming political topics. Watch technologies and use cases, such as AI, to stay at the forefront of innovation and knowledge in your field.

Revolutionizing Politics: Advanced AI Solutions for Political Landscape Analysis

business team 2023 11 27 05 08 59 utc 1 | AI Suchmaschine

Precision monitoring countering disinformation

Focused on identifying disinformation, closely monitoring immediate security concerns, our sharp surveillance ensures a vigilant and proactive approach to information integrity and safety.

Upholding Security in the Political Landscape

Monitoring the current security situation in physical and cyber realms within the political landscape.

discussing political document 2023 11 27 05 03 23 utc 1 | AI Suchmaschine

Your Advantages

highly efficient offers fully automated

Discovering the political landscape with ease through one click.

Experience the power of, where fully automated monitoring of online sources ensures highly efficient data gathering. delivers results that are not just swift but also highly accurate. Say goodbye to time-consuming research, and embrace the efficiency of our cutting-edge technology. Discover the same efficiency in our remarkable political search engine, making your project search a breeze.


With, finding your ideal projects is as simple as a click. Experience near-real-time insights, unmatched accuracy, and exceptional stability.

AI-Filtered Results

Discover AI-filtered results effortlessly. Access near-instant insights, exceptional precision, and unmatched reliability.

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