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Societal Impact by far no side effect as only European company besides giants such as Google to index the web

Frequently, inquiries arise regarding the distinctions that set apart from traditional search engines, ChatGPT, and similar platforms. This piece delves into and elucidates several key unique selling propositions (USPs) that define our identity. In an age where information is readily accessible, the demand for reliable and streamlined web searches has never been more pronounced. In a digital realm inundated with spam sites and information overload, emerges as a game-changing influence, reshaping how we engage with and retrieve online information. Especially the aspect of societal impact is of ever more importance and thus at the core of positioning. This article dives into the distinction factors of and elaborates on the advantages for clients.

European digital autonomy fostered

Beside Google, Microsoft Bing, Baidu (China) and Yandex (Russia), thinkers is the only European company indexing the web: Massive amounts of web data are made searchable. By providing this raw data access,

    • fosters Europe`s digital autonomy and resilience in a key strategic technology field,
    • enables the development of knowhow in Europe within the global search business,
    • builds up new business models based on web data together with its customers and partners and
    • does not only have the potential to develop economic power in a market with a very limited number of players globally but also to build up strategically important data sets in Europe.

Trust in reliable web information for a broad audience supported

The problem of disinformation is massively on the rise and creates severe security problems – for society, businesses and individual users. and its partners

    • develop measures to detect disinformation before it becomes a security threat,
    • includes valuable web content (f.e. from expert websites) which is discriminated by conventional search rankings because it is not/not well SEO optimized or downgraded due to f.e. ad-influences or geographic factors

Bildschirmfoto 2023 08 02 um 08.09.52 | AI Suchmaschine’s impact transcends mere side effects.
We’re driving European digital autonomy, empowering strategic technology fields, fostering knowhow, and crafting new business models.
Our commitment to reliability counters the rise of disinformation, enhancing societal trust and security. Sustainability by design is our ethos, optimizing energy use while ensuring trustworthy results. Data protection underpins our approach, and advanced analytics democratize web insights. is more than a search engine—it’s a force for positive change.

Dr. Isabell Claus

Bildschirmfoto 2023 08 02 um 08.08.08 1 | AI Suchmaschine

Sustainability by design implemented

In processing 3.5 billion searches a day, the world’s largest conventional search engine accounts for about 40% of the internet’s carbon footprint. Every query has to travel on average 1,500 miles to a data center and back to return the answer to the user and it uses 1,000 computers to retrieve an answer (source). Large Language Models need even more energy and still let every user search for hours without much information transparency for its users (f.e. by processing old or untrue information, processing information from unreliable web sources or delivering “hallucination”). On the contrary, builds on context analysis to deliver high quality results and therewith reduces search time per user significantly and processes information from trustworthy websites only (approx. 10% of the web). Therewith the company minimizes the need for computing power, energy and water (cooling) and fosters energy savings at each user due to less search time and less search requests.

Data protection by design is the basis is developed and hosted in Europe and fully supports and considers GDPR measures and privacy protection measures as well as transparency for users with regard to the privacy of their search requests and user data. User data is not sold to any other company.

Advanced analytics for users, not only for the vendor

Analysing content of web data masses is currently only possible for search engine vendors. These vendors do not allow deep access to data insights for users, businesses or governments. A lack of transparency is part of the advertisement-based business model. On the contrary, enables its users to profit from deep insights in web information. Examples include cross-link analyses (f.e. trend or signal detection, hidden patterns) and visualizations.

Unlock the power of’s game-changing solutions and shape a digital landscape of innovation, trust, and sustainability. With us, European digital autonomy thrives, disinformation wanes, and reliable web insights flourish. Join the movement towards a smarter, more responsible internet today.

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