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What makes so unique

What is the difference between and conventional search engines, ChatGPT and consorts

Many times we are asked about the criteria that differentiate from conventional search engines, ChatGPT and consorts. This article uncovers and describes some of our core unique selling propositions (USPs). In an era where information is at our fingertips, the need for trustworthy and efficient web search has never been greater. With the digital landscape flooded by spam websites and overwhelming search results, emerges as a transformative force, revolutionizing the way we access and interact with online information.

New level of user centricity in the web search engine market

Experience a paradigm shift in web search with Our commitment to user-centricity redefines how you access information. Say goodbye to keyword confusion and irrelevant results. Our advanced AI algorithms analyze context, detect signals, and visualize data, ensuring you find what truly matters. Unlike traditional models driven by profits,’s success aligns with yours. We’ve pioneered a user license fee-based model, prioritizing your efficiency and satisfaction. Embark on a journey of seamless web exploration, where trustworthiness, accuracy, and user empowerment reign supreme. Welcome to a new era of web search excellence. Welcome to

Trustworthy Sources Only: Elevating Your Search Experience

The World Wide Web, a vast ocean of information, is unfortunately riddled with spam websites that hinder our ability to access credible and reliable content. Dr. Isabell Claus, CEO of, emphasizes this challenge, stating, “The web consists of 80-90% of spam websites. The recent surge in AI-driven automated content creation further exacerbates this issue, making it increasingly difficult for users to sift through the noise and find trustworthy information.”

To combat this, employs cutting-edge measures to ensure that only information from trustworthy sources is processed. Our advanced AI algorithms meticulously evaluate web sources, filtering out irrelevant and potentially misleading content. Dr. Claus underscores this commitment, asserting, “We have developed stringent measures to identify and verify the reliability of web sources. Our users deserve access to accurate and authentic information, and we are dedicated to delivering precisely that.”

Empowering Your Search Journey: Beyond Keywords

Conventional web search often begins with the daunting task of typing in the “right” keyword—a challenge that often leaves users frustrated and uncertain. Dr. Claus highlights this issue, noting, “Users are often left in the dark, uncertain of which keyword will yield the most relevant results. This uncertainty can hinder their search experience and limit the discovery of valuable information.” takes a revolutionary approach to address this problem. Our innovative measures go beyond mere keyword matching. We incorporate a range of techniques such as context analysis, signal detection, visualization, and cross-link analysis. These AI-driven mechanisms empower users to navigate through the vast sea of information, guiding them towards the most relevant and valuable search results. Dr. Claus emphasizes, “We aim to simplify the search process for our users. Our AI technology acts as a guide, ensuring that users effortlessly uncover the information they seek.”

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The web consists of 80-90% of spam websites. The recent surge in AI-driven automated content creation further exacerbates this issue, making it increasingly difficult for users to sift through the noise and find trustworthy information.

Dr. Isabell Claus

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Aligning Success: Your Triumph, Our Mission

The prevailing business models of web search engines often prioritize profits over user satisfaction. Dr. Claus acknowledges this disparity, stating, “Many search engines are driven by advertisement revenue or pay-per-search models. Unfortunately, this often means that user success takes a back seat, and prolonged searches benefit the operators.” takes a bold step in reshaping this landscape. Our commitment to users’ success is at the core of our business model. “Our success is intertwined with the success of our users,” asserts Dr. Claus. “We’ve designed a user license fee-based model that ensures our focus remains on delivering decisive and accurate information. When users achieve their goals efficiently, we achieve ours.”

A Vision for Seamless Search Excellence

In an interconnected world where information is power, stands as a trailblazer in web search innovation. With an unswerving dedication to providing accurate, reliable, and relevant information, empowers users to navigate the digital realm with confidence. Dr. Claus encapsulates this vision, saying, “Our mission is to make web search an effortless and empowering experience for all users. We believe that the future of web search lies in user-centricity, trustworthiness, and unparalleled accuracy.”

As we step into this new era of web search, is your partner on the journey to discovering meaningful and decisive information. Join us in embracing the future of web search, where the power of AI-driven technology is harnessed to unlock a world of knowledge and insights.


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