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Partner update

aerial drone view of kempten town surrounded by be 2023 08 29 06 05 49 utc | AI Suchmaschine

Germany stands out as a thriving region for soonicorns and thought leaders, attracting innovative minds and fostering a vibrant tech ecosystem. With a rich history of technological advancement and a strong commitment to research and development, it’s no surprise that has found its next strong partner in aumentoo. Together, they’re poised to drive cutting-edge […]

“ 2.0”: Launch of new optimized UX

Bildschirmfoto 2023 09 06 um 11.32.16 | AI Suchmaschine

Time is money, information is key and best-in-class user experience is at the core of our corporate DNA. does not only stringently work on the optimization of data and results but also and in especial on the design and the appearance of our unique application. And this is only possible with the great and […]

Societal Impact by far no side effect

Bildschirmfoto 2023 08 16 um 17.31.38 | AI Suchmaschine

Frequently, inquiries arise regarding the distinctions that set apart from traditional search engines, ChatGPT, and similar platforms. This piece delves into and elucidates several key unique selling propositions (USPs) that define our identity. In an age where information is readily accessible, the demand for reliable and streamlined web searches has never been more pronounced. […]

What makes so unique

image0 | AI Suchmaschine

Many times we are asked about the criteria that differentiate from conventional search engines, ChatGPT and consorts. This article uncovers and describes some of our core unique selling propositions (USPs). In an era where information is at our fingertips, the need for trustworthy and efficient web search has never been greater. With the digital […]

Partner update

paris at sunset 2022 11 16 18 07 02 utc | AI Suchmaschine

Paris Europlace and France is solidifying its position as a trailblazing thought leader in the ever-evolving French financial industry. With a focus on innovation, cutting-edge technologies, and strategic collaborations, the nation’s financial sector is setting new standards for the global landscape. Paris, France – In a game-changing collaboration,, the leading AI-powered platform, is […]

Event Update

Bildschirmfoto 2023 08 03 um 15.49.54 | AI Suchmaschine as Co-organizier We take the next step in engaging and featuring in the fast growing Open Search Community. We will act as co-organizier of the leading 5th international Open Search Symposium. Find in this news update first information and insights. Geneva, Switzerland – The 5th international Open Search Symposium will be held from […]

Partner update

the illuminated brandenburg gate in berlin 2022 12 17 03 42 06 utc | AI Suchmaschine

Deutsche Telekom and Show me your friends and I tell you who you are. There cannot be a better proof to this saying then now partnering with some of the most recognized global multi-national players in the market. Read in this short news update on our next major achievement in the area of […]

Partner update

milan italy cityscape with the duomo 2022 03 30 00 49 51 utc | AI Suchmaschine

Cefriel and In a game-changing move,, the leading provider of data-driven decision-making solutions, is thrilled to announce a powerful addition to its esteemed partner group. The importance of strategic partnerships cannot be underestimated in today’s competitive business landscape, and is proud to join forces with a significant industry player. This new collaboration […]